We started a #LearnLaunchLove Book Club at the start of this year, and we are loving sharing in the learning with our clients, friends, co-workers and social media followers.

If you’re new to checking this out, here’s our list so far:

  • Monsters and How to Tame Them, by Kevin Hart
  • Greenlights, by Matthew McConaughey
  • Calm Within the Storm, A Pathway to Resilience, by Dr. Robin Hanley-Dafoe
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
  • Untamed, by Glennon Doyle

Have you read any on this list? Want to share your thoughts with us? (We’d love to hear from you) Email us at hello@keyinstincts.com

Matthew Fox, President of Park Enterprises Ltd shared his thoughts on one our selections!

I got the opportunity to read this book for the first time 4 years ago. By that point, I had read a few other books dealing with the same general topic but I found them to be manipulative of others. When I found this book, I was concerned that this book would follow suit. I was also concerned that, because it was originally written in 1936, it wouldn’t apply in today’s ‘modern world’. Wow, did I ever learn a lot! Despite the fact that the book was written almost 90 years ago, the principles within it are just as valuable today as it was then.

Every point in the book is about is practical and real. There isn’t a manipulative point in it. It is about being respectful, honest, forgiving, and friendly. Despite how much the world around us has changed, we are still the same. No matter who we are, what our upbringing or where we live, every person wants the same things. This book reminds us to be the type of person we want others to be. It reminds us that getting along with others is as simple as it should be. The issue typically resides with us and our forgetting to be empathetic.

 This book is invaluable in reminding us that knowing ‘how to win friends and influence people’ isn’t ‘magic’ or a gift that only a few people can possess or be born with. It can be accomplished by anyone!

Thank you Matthew for sharing those thoughts and great points!