Welcome to the new year!
A time when we as humans and business owners take stock of where we are and where we want to go. You can call it resolutions, goals, or intentions. Regardless of the name, it’s all about growth. At Key Instincts our focus continues to expand in these three areas: learn, launch, love. This is a concept that I first learned from Jay Shetty on his podcast “The 4-Tier Framework to Effective Goal Setting. G-O-A-L standing for (growth, opportunity, action and the 3 L‘s – learn, launch, love).
In his teaching he talks about learning one thing each year – which allows you to explore, get curious, build intrigue. Launching one thing each year which gives you the space to make mistakes, learn new things etc and to focus on loving one thing each year which gives you the balance into consistency and stability. All together these elements allow you to really grow and feel safe doing so.  (If you want to check out his podcast click here)
Doesn’t this sound awesome?
So, here’s Key Instincts take on how this looks for us.
LEARN: What that means for us as a team is that we are lifelong learners. Learning is continuous. We want to always be a student of life’s lessons. We want to learn from our clients, learn from experiences and always take the opportunity to learn more. From the simplicity of taking courses to the extremity of observing the world around us. At the end of the day, what can we learn from each other?
LAUNCH: We feel like launching into ‘something’, continually is important. It doesn’t always have to be launching a whole new business or division (although those opportunities are great), what I mean is we should be launching into opportunities, learning, personal growth, projects, ideas, new ways of connecting, etc.
LOVE: We want to have LOVE in everything we do. We will be leading with love. I know the word love can come wrapped in all kinds of meanings for people and it can feel a little uncomfortable to talk about ‘love’ in the workplace, but take off whatever you’ve normally dressed up that word with and dive into love being an action, a form of leadership, an environment, a belonging.
The first way we are going to dive into the 3L’s for 2023, is actually combining them into ONE thing.  The Ki Book Club.  Each month we are going to share a book from our team that we can read together and share our thoughts on.  So we are LAUNCHING a book club that allows us to LEARN something new and LOVE connecting together.  And how fitting the fist book we will share has some Hart.
January’s Book Selection is “Monsters And How to Tame Them” by Kevin Hart. 
To be honest with you I have already blown through this one but can’t wait to discuss it more with you.  I like to read via audible. Listening to books while I drive to meet clients is the easiest way for me to devour my love for books.  My challenge for you is to try it out. But let’s get started.
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