As you may or may not know, we started a Ki Book Club in January. This is all part of our goal to be intentional with our vision to be lifelong learners. (See blog Learn.Launch.Love for more info). Our first selection (audible style) selection was “Monsters and How to Tame Them,” by Kevin Hart.

I am hoping you had the chance to listen to this book, it was one I really enjoyed and loved sharing not only with my team, but also you.

What I really loved about Kevin Hart’s book – besides that he was hilarious & so engaging – was that he offers so much wisdom. He never says the monsters are bad (in fact he suggests they have a good side) and I appreciate that he really talks about how you tame them. I think we all, if we are honest with ourselves, have some tiny monsters that keep us overly busy.  Mine is the ‘do-it-all-monster.’ My monster has hung around me for my entire life, ever since I can remember. I was always the responsible one, always the one to pick up the slack, always the caregiver. Which really put me in a place where I was more often than not – depleted. I can confidently say there’s been times in my life where my middle name should have been overcommitted.

Taming my monster, continues to be a work in progress. This year, however, my power word for 2023 is intention. I know that I need to be more mindful to quality versus quantity. In taming my monster, I am reminded that saying no is actually the best gift I can give to myself and others.

It’s funny because we don’t want to let anyone down, we want to be there for everyone all the time, when in actuality no one is expecting that from us. Why do we put this unrealistic guilt on ourselves? Why do we dilute our efforts and the purpose that we are trying to create?

In 2022, I really began to commit to taming that monster. I let go of a lot and self reflected to realign and be better able to serve my purpose at a deeper level. So far so good!

Now let’s be real – my monster is alive and well still…and I love working, some may even say work is my addiction. The good side of my monster is that she is incredibly loyal, always rises up for the cause, she gets things done, she finds a way when there may seem like one, and she always can be counted on. And I am sure we can all guess the flip side.

Thank you, Kevin Hart, for your wisdom & humor! Thank you for the tools and the creativity that it takes to tame my monster.

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