Month Two of the Ki Book Club! (Learn.Launch.Love for more info).

In February we spent our learning time listening to the southern, dulcet tones of Mr. Matthew McConaughey and his book “Greenlights.”

What I really loved about this book – besides his voice (lol) – was that he again offers wisdom like last month’s book but in such a different style. My biggest take away from the book was to pay attention to the subtleties that get presented to you. Keeping your eyes, ears and mind open to the who/what/when opportunities that come before you. Some of them may not even be that obvious at first.

The entire book encourages us to go inside, go outside and dream big (some of my fav things).

‘Greenlights’ gives a great perspective for us in the workplace to step up and step into the what if. This book offers you some insight into being a little more of a risk-taker than maybe you’re used to. Be kind to yourself in the process. What risks could you take in your life? Your work? Your dreams?

And lastly the power of journaling. In his book he shares about the amount of journaling he does – the book’s layout is really his journal. He shares more on it here. My team member Tamara also shared a great blog on journaling and how you can get started! 

So…what did you think of the book? (Join the conversation on facebook, instagram or linkedin)