One of the things we always share as a team and our year end wrap up and kick-off to the next year is what our word for the year is. This is always a bit of a reflection moment for me. What do I want my focus to be in my year ahead. What do I want to add more of in my life and work life. How can I build on this best version of myself that I am creating?
So as we went around the table, everyone sharing their word (which all are so amazing I almost want to change mine lol), it comes to me. And I share ROUTINE.
Yes, routine. I want more routine in my day. Not meaning I want more work in my day, just some light structure to keep focus, some time frames to stay on task, and ultimately this daily routine opens up more time for the fun and adventure I want to experience also.
So here’s some tips on how to bring more beautiful routine in your life:
  • First of all, decide what needs to be in your routine. Do you want to add movement, early wake up, reading, journaling, lunchtime walks, etc. Prioritizing some of these wants and what is important to you – before starting is key!
  • Break-it-down. Set littler goals. Chop a large goal into a smaller goal. 
  • Plan-it-out. Try with one week at a time and start small. You can always build on the simple. I like to use a calendar to make those priorities seem like appointments.
  • The other key…consistency. For example if you ‘d like to add something into your everyday like that noon walk I mentioned, try doing it at the same time every day. Another tip of mine is do as much as you can in the time of day that’s your good time. What I mean by that is, if you’re a morning person try to do more in the morning. (or afternoon or evening) Use your strengths.
  • Preparation. It’s easier to accomplish your routine if you have all the things you need to make it happen. If you’re wanting to read 20 pages a day of a book – get the book, mark the pages and have it near your water or coffee for reading time. No excuses. 
  • Please oh please make sure you’re having fun! If it’s not fun….why bother? Honestly, even the things we have to do can be in a fun mindset. 
  • Track those puppies! Sometimes a fun visual can help keep you on track. Crossing off a list, check marking a calendar, etc can help!
Good luck with those routines! Join our conversation on social media and share what you’re adding into your routine this year!
And check back to a past blog of mine where I chat about adding new “resolutions” into your life at any time, not just the new year.