“Unlocking Bliss: A Journey through ‘You Happier’ by Daniel G. Amen

If you haven’t delved into the insightful world of Daniel G. Amen’s ‘You Happier,’ consider this your invitation to a transformative exploration of happiness. As a devoted reader and enthusiast of his work, I can attest that this book is nothing short of a treasure trove for those seeking a deeper understanding of joy and contentment. (and do yourself a favour and buy a copy vs listening on audible – #christmaslistidea)

I first picked up this book because my mother was diagnosed with dementia. Over the past four years since losing her, neuroscience has been my passion. (I nerd out hard on it) I am trying to understand the brain better in the house of the brain.

Amen’s venture into the realm of neuroscience, particularly the exploration of brain types and their connection to happiness, is both fascinating and enlightening. Through his meticulous research, he takes readers on a nerdy yet accessible journey, unraveling the intricate workings of our brains and how they contribute to our overall well-being.


One of the standout features of ‘You Happier’ is the profound dive into the biology of happiness. He skillfully navigates through the physiological aspects that underpin our emotional states, providing a scientific lens to understand the mechanics of joy. For anyone who relishes the intersection of science and self-discovery, this section is an absolute delight.

The psychology of happiness, as articulated by Daniel Amen, adds yet another layer of richness to the narrative. He delves into the intricacies of the mind, exploring the cognitive pathways that lead to happiness and fulfillment. His insights are not just theoretical but practical, offering readers actionable steps to enhance their psychological well-being. The social connections of happiness take center stage in another captivating segment of the book.


He elucidates the profound impact of relationships on our happiness, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections in fostering a sense of joy and belonging. His exploration of social dynamics provides valuable insights for readers navigating the complexities of human relationships. Last but certainly not least, ‘You Happier’ ventures into the spirituality of happiness, adding a transcendent dimension to the exploration. He then invites readers to contemplate the deeper aspects of their existence, encouraging a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. In essence, ‘You Happier’ unfolds in five enthralling parts, each more captivating than the last.



From the intricacies of neuroscience to the profound realms of spirituality, Daniel G. Amen crafts a narrative that resonates with both intellect and emotion. If you haven’t embarked on this journey, you’re undeniably missing out on a transformative experience that has the potential to redefine your understanding of happiness.

And quite frankly makes you want to schedule your own brain scan to see what’s really happening on a personal level. And if the ordering a scan isn’t in your near future – grab the book it is full of exercises and self discovery.


Happy ‘nerding out’ on Neuroscience.