Our Key Instincts Book Club started in January to be a place of growth and connection, not only with our team but also our client partners. Check out the rest of our blog page to see more sharing from the past six months.

Below is a review from our July book chosen by Vice President of Cegen Environmental Group, Kristy Hysert. (thank you Kristy for sharing!)

Thank you for the opportunity to choose a book and share my thoughts about it. To start, I cannot recommend this book enough! It really helped me to see where I was holding myself back, and gave me the tools to shake that internal voice. (You know the one I’m talking about.) Real share here…to be honest, I have struggled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome for most of my adult life. To learn that others struggle with this as well came as a huge relief.

What ‘bigger’ is will be different for each of us, but in my case, it was to become more confident, and clearer in my goals.  To identify what my ‘brand’ is and own it.

My key takeaway arrived early in the book (chapter 3). Author Tara Mohr breaks down fear into two different types:

  • The first type of fear is pachad – “over-reactive, irrational fear that stems from worries about what could happen.”
  • The second kind of fear is yirrah – “the feeling that overcomes us when we inhabit a larger space than we are used to, or when we suddenly come into possession of considerably more energy than we had before, or when we are in the presence of the divine.”
  • Distinguishing between these two things now helps me to make decisions and to move forward.
  • For me yirrah is that good kind of fear that tells me the thing I am doing or about to do is worth my time and energy.

This new understanding has helped me to frame any fear that I feel within the purpose of me feeling it. This has helped me to work out when those fears are entirely unhelpful, and then to move past them and to get on with whatever thing I was trying to do in the first place. Learning this has helped me to confidently do things that previously sacred me far more.

If you’re having moments of struggle (and lets be real – who isn’t?) grab a copy of this book or add it to your listen list. You won’t be disappointed.