Navigating People Isn't Always Easy.

As your compass, Key Instincts helps keep your Company Culture moving in the right direction.

Lead your team through workplace challenges.  You’re not alone in managing the moving pieces.  We’re the Human Resource Revolution to equip you with the tools you need.

How We Help

A full HR department, right at your fingertips.

You choose from one of our specially crafted packages to help your organization thrive. Each package is built to offer the most value to both your business & your bank account, based on your needs.

Key Packages

Key Additions

Broaden the journey by adding more tools into your tool box.

Client Portal

KI offers a one stop solution for your document storage that is safe and secure.

Talent Acquisition

KI facilitates hiring, administration and sourcing the right people for the key roles within your organization.

Business Coaching & Training

KI offers a world class business coaching program with coaches that are certified in a range of services.

Non-Profit Coaching

KI's powerful hands-on non-profit coaching can help you, and your organization, reach its goals.


KI will provide tools to ensure effective communication with arbitration, resolution, mediation and general internal communications.

Personality Testing

KI uses a variety of third party applications to assess your teams' personality attributes and challenges, while collaborating with you on how to use each of them to improve your employees overall productivity and company culture.

BABS Program

Our acclaimed BABS program creates a strategy that promises positive results in exceeding goals based on your leadership vision.

Loss Prevention & Training

KI’s staff has proficient knowledge in this area and can work with your organization to ensure your theft stays low and profits stay high.


Take your team building to the next level with a KI retreat. All organizations that strive for success benefit from this tool.

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The ultimate tool for improving your company culture.

We’ve equipped our team with brilliant facilitators to help grow yours.

Company Assessment

Organization Health Check & Assessment

Assessing your needs as an organization will ensure that you’re staying on track with growth, people & the organization’s needs. Our three specially-curated assessments provide a roadmap for Key Instincts to examine the key components within your company.  The data in the results of your assessment allows Key Instincts to work with you to examine possible areas needing extra attention in order to support your overall viability and success.

Individual AssessmentOrganization Assessment


Key Instincts has a collective experience of 50+ years.

We know 'going it alone' doesn't work.

Our focus is collaboration to help bring purpose, health and wellness to your progressive, corporate culture.

Our Team

Talent Acquisition

Finding and recruiting your key players can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Often, we need to break through the traditional boxes that hold the business back from reaching the next level and fully harnessing the power of each of their employees. KI will help you source the best employees, retain and grow your talent & develop your team.

Key Partnerships